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Although we are a newly founded firm, we bring forth a profound and diverse set of skills acquired through advanced education and rich experience in multiple sectors and in many countries. We take great pride in our management skills and our ability to plan and execute projects. Our approach in building quality into every process and project delivery life cycle and rigorous management enables AETI to perform at a different level. The application of state-of-the-art management techniques and astute attention to efficiency and quality drives us to achieve operational excellence. Our knowledge is voluminous, ranging from engineering, law & political sciences, economics, to public health and other areas. The diversity of our skills enables us to consider the big picture and to relate our work to the development efforts as a whole. We offer you the services of world-class subject matter experts in all the heterogeneous components that form Afghanistan’s current environment. Our knowledge of South and Central Asia enables us to take an integrated view of the region. We strongly believe that the following set of attributes embody the exceptionality of our organization and provide our clients with the most reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable partner in Afghanistan, Pakistan, South and Central Asia.


  • An organization that is focused on RESULTS
  • Substantial Experience Living and Working in the Region
  • A Profound Afghan Heritage, With Our Principals Originating From Both the Pashtun and Tajik Tribes
  • Our knowledge of Political, Social, Cultural, Legal, Economic, and Security environment
  • Our Ability to Engage All Tribes in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  • The Outstanding Reputation of Our Principals in the Region
  • Our Solid Network of Contacts in Afghanistan, Including the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanitan (GIRoA)), Civil Society, and Private Sector
  • Our well-established and reliable Supply Chains & Networks in Afghanistan and Neighboring Region for Additional Reliable Resources
  • Our Native Level Cultural and Linguistic Literacies in the Region