AET Internationals Photo

The foundation of our capabilities stems from the deep expertise and experience of our principal staff.  Our principals have advanced education, many years of technical and managerial experience acquired in the U.S. and Afghanistan, Pakistan, and with select experiences in other South Asian countries, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.  Our key principal staff and consultants have doctoral level degrees and a minimum of twenty years of professional experience.  We are experts in infrastructure engineering, economics, management, law and political sciences, public health, and capacity development.  Our team has substantial cross-cultural literacies and linguistics skills in the region neighboring Afghanistan.  We have deep reach into Afghan communities in Afghanistan, the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.  Our commitment to and passion for developing sustainable infrastructures and building local capacity in Afghanistan is unparalleled.   Thus, we offer a highly accomplished Afghan senior management team with substantial credentials and expertise.  Our team is further complimented by retired military and police officers with broad experience in the security and military logistics sector; this provides AETI with an extraordinary ability to operate and manage in austere environments.