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Management & Consulting

Our management and consulting capabilities stem from our advanced and multi-disciplinary education; and our profound experience in leadership and management, capacity development, and corporate and civil governance that we have acquired over decades. We have managed and directed projects and programs at the national and international levels. We have conducted substantial research and analyses in multiple areas including economics, finance, and political sciences. Our capabilities are further complimented by our experiences in strategic planning, management, governance, international economics, and finance. Our seniors have been involved in capacity development at all educational levels, including undergraduate, graduate, and vocational.

AETI offers the following management and consulting services:

Management Services

  • Construction Management
  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Program Management


Consulting Services

  • Capacity Development: Education & Training
  • Energy & Mining
  • International Finance, Trade, & Investment
  • Law & Political Sciences
  • Water Resources & General Natural Resources