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USAID Engineerig, Quality Assurance, and Logistical Support Program

The USAID-funded Engineering, Quality Assurance (QA) and Logistical Support Program in Afghanistan is to provide USAID’s Afghanistan Office of Infrastructure, Engineering and Energy with an Afghanistan-based team for a) independent quality assurance for ongoing and planned construction, design and maintenance projects; b) engineering support; and c) technical assistan ce (capacity building) to relevant ministries. Long-term Afghan professional positions are needed at the senior, mid-level, and junior levels in the following areas:

  • Deputy Project Manager/Deputy Chief of Party (engineer with large project management, finance, and administrative experience)
  • Transportation Engineers (Senior Transportation Engineer, Mid- and Senior-Level Quality Assurance  Engineers/Technicians)
  • Energy Engineers (including renewable power) - (Mid- and Senior-Level Quality Assurance Engineers/Technicians, Short-Term Energy Consultants)
  • Vertical Structures Engineers (Senior Scheduler/Planner, Senior Architect, Junior-, Mid-, and Senior-Level Quality Assurance Engineers/Technicians, Senior Cost Engineer, Senior AutoCAD Engineer)
  • Water Engineers (Mid- and Senior-Level Quality Assurance Engineers/Technicians, Senior Water Resources Engineers)
  • Institutional Development (Senior Institu tional Capacity Building Advisor, Gas/Oil Engineer-Advisor)

Engineers will be providing:

  • Quality assurance for construction projects to ensure compliance with approved QC plans, technical standards and construction schedules.
  • Engineering support services, such as site identification and review of design bill of quantities (BOQs), tender documents, O&M protocols, etc.
  • Technical assistance to various infrastructure ministries to advise, support, and train ministry staff.

In addition, there will be a need for non-engineers in the following areas:

  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialist, Mid-level
  • Senior IT/Database Officer
  • Senior Field Office Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Finance Officer
  • Professional Project Management and Administrative Positions (multiple positions available in Human Resources, Project Administration, Finance, Accounting, Logistics, Communications, and Office Management)
  • Senior Field Office Managers
  • Field Office Administrators – mid-level


  • Bachelor degree in a relevant field from an accredited college or university required, advanced degree strongly preferred for senior level.
  • Junior level candidates require 2+ years of relevant post-degree experience
  • Mid-level candidates require 5+ years of post degree experience and some supervisory experience. A post-graduate degree and/or relevant advanced training is preferred.
  • Senior level candidates require 10+ years of post degree experience, advanced training in relevant fields of study and/or relevant advanced professional certifications is strongly preferred, along with several years of experience managing people.
  • Prior experience on USAID or other donor-funded projects is strongly preferred.
  • A strong command of written and oral English is required.

Local Afghans and Afghan diaspora are highly encouraged to apply.  Please forward your resume via attachment to